It was held in Valencia from 3 to 5 October 2022 the Business Convention “Plenitude | Beyond all limits” one of the most important events of the year, on the theme of eco-sustainability, promoted by the largest Italian global energy company, ENI.

An international convention that involved the 300 Plenitude retailers and special guests to discuss and present the Plenitude plan, the most important step change for the Italian company that now includes renewable energy sources on a global scale.

Walkin, TC Group’s Corporate Business Unit, was chosen as tech partner by the agency Elephase Srl alongside the company Acting-Out, which handled the event’s design.

A great team achievement with a powerful visual impact.

300 live
Audio video lighting services, Consulting and design, Scenic multi-projections, Technical direction, Wide LED screen
Corporate, Event, Tecnoconference, Walkin


Like any live international event, planning was vital to identify and solve any technical and logistical challenges upstream.

The extensive prep work finally ended in witnessing ‘the idea’ come to life inside the vast space of the Bombas Gens Centre d’Art | Museum in Valencia, located in an old factory built between 1930 and 1935, for spectacular Plenary Sessions that were truly engaging for participants.

Alessandro Borgioni’s technical supervision, Tiberio Boido’s direction of the event, Acting-Out’s video and graphic content, and the flawless tech crew on hand ensured the event’s success.



TC Group unisce esperienza e competenze di più aziende che lavorano in sinergia, come un unico partner. L’affidabilità dei format tecnologici di Tecnoconference. L’innovazione dei software di Meetbit. La progettualità e i contenuti di Kardo.
Tre anime in costante sintonia e in continua evoluzione, sempre pronte a trovare le migliori soluzioni per eventi, installazioni, formazione e branding.
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